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Kenmore Refrigerator Repair | Kenmore Appliance

We all know that the refrigerator is one of the essentials in every home. This appliance not only stores your new fresh food but can also help you keep your leftovers safe to eat for the upcoming days. But, unfortunately, if you own a Kenmore refrigerator and it stops working, then you won't be able to keep your food fresh or your drinks cold.

Having a faulty refrigerator can bring so many issues to your household. For example, you wouldn't want to come home only to find out that your groceries have gone bad. So if you notice anything wrong in your refrigerator, like a water leak or strange noises in the unit, get it checked by a professional right away! When searching for a reliable service provider to help you with your appliance repairs, you can trust Kenmore Appliance Repair. There is no need to search far to get the right service you need since our technicians are just a phone call away!

Problems in your kitchen appliances can pose a risk in your household. From gas leaks to electrical failure, these threats could harm your home and your family. When you hire our Kenmore appliance repairs, you can expect a technician to be at your doorstep at your earliest possible time available. They come in fully prepared and equipped to do precision repairs on your unit. With our Kenmore kitchen appliance repairs, you can expect to get your units restored to top shape.

Since your fridge is necessary for the kitchen, you need to ensure it is always working perfectly. If you think it may not be functioning properly, be sure to get it diagnosed and fixed as soon as possible to avoid spoiling any food. Here are some common issues and what causes them.

  • Unit is Not Cooling
    • Dirty condenser coils
    • Damaged evaporator fan motor
    • Broken condenser fan motor
    • Faulty start relay
    • Temperature control thermostat not working
    • Faulty start capacitor
    • Defective thermistor
    • A defective temperature control board
    • Compressor not working
    • A broken main control board
  • Unit is Not Defrosting
    • Defrost control board fails
    • Defective defrost timer
    • Faulty defrost heater assembly
    • Broken defrost thermostat
    • Blown defrost sensor fuse
    • A defective main control board
  • Water Leaks
    • Clogged or frozen defrost drain
    • A damaged water tank assembly
    • Cracked water inlet valve
    • Broken water filter housing
    • Torn water filter head or seal
  • Over Freezing
    • Temperature control thermostat not working properly
    • Defective thermistor
    • A faulty temperature control board
    • A defective main control board

If you experience any of these issues, it's best to have a professional take a look at your unit. Reach out to Kenmore Appliance Repair to learn how we are your trusted Kenmore refrigerator repair provider in your area. We service all kinds of refrigerators, including Kenmore Smart Refrigerator Repair. When you call for our services, you can expect a team of customer support staff to cater to all your inquiries and schedule for your service. Rest assured that we troubleshoot your problem with precision and genuine results. For reliable, efficient, and fast Kenmore refrigerator repair services, call Kenmore Appliance Repair today! We are always happy to be of service to all your needs!

Wide Range Of Kenmore Refrigerator Appliance Repair Styles

Whether your Kenmore french door refrigerator is leaking, freezer door hinge problems, or other issues, you can count on our team of service technicians here at Kenmore Appliance Repair! We are known for providing various services for different styles of Kenmore refrigerators. Our licensed and well-trained Kenmore repair technicians are fully equipped with the appropriate tools, skills, and knowledge to solve any problems your Kenmore refrigerator may have. Whatever the issue is, we can fix it efficiently and reliably, no matter how big or small. In addition, our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Rest assured that we will get your appliance back to its perfect working condition again in no time! Our assigned professional will surely not leave the given project messy and incomplete right on our first visit. With our team, you can ensure an exceptional and satisfying service!
Kenmore Smart Refrigerator Repair | Kenmore Appliance Repair

Kenmore Smart Refrigerator Repair

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Kenmore French Door Refrigerator Repair

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